Standards of Care

Patient Comfort

  • Our goal is to provide high quality complete veterinary care personalized to fit the needs of your animal based on lifestyle and risk factors.
  • Patients in the hospital will have blankets, towels and comfortable accommodations.
  • Surgical patients will recover in a quiet, clean, spacious cage for their protection.
  • A technician will be with every animal through anesthetic recovery and until awake; after care will be attentive and timely.


  • Only a qualified, licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine will perform surgery.
  • Surgical instruments are never “shared” between patients. A fresh, sterilized pack of instruments is used for every patient.
  • Surgery takes place in a separate, enclosed, operating suite.
  • New sterile individual sutures are always used.
  • Surgeons and Technicians are dressed in appropriate surgical attire.


  • Qualified, trained, veterinary technicians are present with all animals from the beginning until “wake-up” during surgical procedures.
  • Every patient will receive appropriate pre-anesthetic laboratory work and gas anesthesia based on the specific surgical need.
  • Every animal will be monitored during surgery for blood pressure, cardiac function (EKG), oxygen saturation, thermal regulation, fluid rate, anesthesia levels by a trained veterinary technician.


  • All animals in our care will get the best possible pain management which includes: pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative selections. The choice of medication will be based on the procedures, duration, and the doctor’s recommendation. We use a combination of epidurals, local nerve blocks anesthetics, anti-inflammatory, and osteoarthritis prescriptions.

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