Pet X-Rays

The Value of Pet X-Rays from the Valley Veterinary Clinic

When a pet owner is looking for a place to take their pet for healthcare, it is important to assess the diagnostic capabilities of the animal hospital. When it comes to the people of the Reno area, it is important to locate a clinic that has invested itself in the value of pet x-rays. The team from the Valley Veterinary Clinic is here to make sure that everyone understands not only how x-rays work but also their value to pets and families.


How Does an X-Ray Generate an Image?

An x-ray generates an image using a thin beam of radiation. When an x-ray is shot, a beam is fired through to a detector screen on the other side. This beam is going to move more quickly through some types of media than others. This difference in speed is used to generate an image. For example, bone is going to show bright white on an x-ray because it is incredibly dense. On the other hand, the air is incredibly light and will show up dark. This difference, and the image it generates, forms the basis of numerous diagnostic capabilities in the medical field. This goes for pets just as much as humans.

What Can Pet X-Rays Detect?

If a pet receives an x-ray, there are a number of possible conditions that might be detected. For example, broken bones are an incredibly common reason why a pet might receive an x-ray. This is used to not only diagnose a broken bone but also assess whether or not a pet is going to need surgery. A displaced bone will need to go to the operating room while a non-displaced fracture can be cast. Of course, x-rays can also be used to detect underlying problems such as tumors or inflammation. This can help a trained surgeon plan his or her surgical approach if this is required. X-rays have a lot of value to not only pets but their families as well.

Trust the Team from Valley Veterinary Clinic

In the end, these are only a few of the many reasons why pet x-rays are so important. It is critical for every pet owner to locate a lab that has invested itself in the latest diagnostic and treatment capabilities. That is exactly what someone is going to get when they come to visit the Valley Veterinary Clinic. Marvin Altom and Anna Lopez underwent extensive training to become a veterinarian. They understand how important it is for the clinic to possess the latest technology in the field. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us today to schedule an appointment with a member of our team.


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