Pet Wellness

The Importance of Pet Wellness Exams

When someone decides to welcome an animal into their home, this comes with a lot of responsibility. Most people consider their pets to be members of their family. Therefore, it is important to make sure that these pets have access to high-quality healthcare. A part of that healthcare should include an annual wellness exam performed by a trained veterinarian. The dedicated team from Valley Veterinary Clinic from Reno can provide and explain the importance of a pet wellness exam.


Vaccinations are Important

One of the primary activities that will take place at a pet physical is updating vaccinations. Vaccinations play a critical role in both people and animals. The shots are designed to protect pets from dangerous and deadly diseases. These vaccines have been designed to train the immune system to respond to certain deadly diseases. Some of the important diseases that pets are vaccinated against include kennel cough, rabies, certain forms of hepatitis, adenovirus, and others. These vaccinations are important for protecting not only the pet but also the other animals and people that live in the home as well as the community. Pet owners need to make sure that their animals are up to date on all of their shots.

Development of a Pet

These annual exams are also important because they allow the veterinarian to make certain that a pet is developing and growing appropriately. Routine lab work will be performed to make sure that there aren’t any dangerous diseases that might be festering underneath the surface. This also allows the pet owners to ask questions of the veterinarian. They might be related to pet training, house training, nutritional concerns, sleeping concerns, or issues related to behavior. For these reasons, pet owners need to make sure their animals have their annual exams performed on time every year.

Trust the Trained Team at Valley Veterinary Clinic

The pet wellness exam provides the professionals an opportunity to work with pet owners regarding the health and care of their furry friends. If you live in the Reno area and it’s time to book your pet wellness exam, contact us at Valley Veterinary Clinic. Our trained professional veterinarians, Marvin Altom and Anna Lopez, have worked hard to ensure that every pet that comes through the doors is provided with care and compassion.

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