Payment Options

Pet Health Care comes at a cost

We recognize the cost of medical health care for pets can be challenging for clients. Our costs, as veterinary health care providers, continue to rise. We must charge fees to provide the best care for all our patients and to keep our clinic open.

We do not provide in-house deferred payment plans, however we have partnered with two exceptional companies to provide financing for clients when needed.


  •  We are pleased to offer our clients Payment Plans through and Both plans offer an interest free option. Use these providers to make sure cost does not get in the way of needed treatment.
  •  If you need to make payments over time, please speak with our Office Manager. She will explain the plans’ details. There is an online application process and   you will know immediately the amount you qualify for.
  •  If the needed care is not urgent, we also accept pre-payments for future care. These are stored in our software as credits.

If your pet needs Emergency Care:

Be honest and upfront with your veterinarian and let him/her know if you have financial limitations. Knowing this in advance will help the doctor prescribe care that will provide the most efficient use of your financial resources.

  • It can be a challenge, but your veterinarian will do the best he or she can to provide your pet with the best possible care within your financial limits.
  • A deposit will be collected for emergency care.
  • If you do not qualify for Care Credit or ScratchPay we suggest talking to family members or friends who may loan you money for your pet’s care. 

 Insurance For Your Pets  

Another popular option for your family and pet is insurance coverage. Our VitusVet app partners with Nationwide Insurance ( to ease the processing of claims. Purchasing pet insurance for new puppies and kittens, who generally have no pre-existing conditions, is a great way to plan for pet care!

To learn about other pet insurance companies, please visit the following pet insurance websites:

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